A Prophetic Dream/ Encounter/ Canadas Operation Night Watch/ The Fall…

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A Prophetic Dream/ Encounter/
Canadas Operation Night Watch/
The Fall of the Trudeau Regime
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
December 25,2020, 7:00 am
Christmas morning I woke up to a vivid prophetic dream/encounter. It was made clear to me that I am to share it (with fear and trembling) I submit it for prayerful consideration and may that which has the Life of God go forward and accomplish its purpose and what does not have the Life of God in it fall to the ground and die. May Gods destiny for Canada be fulfilled.
There I was in a room, seemed like a remote military base, command center. There was a group of Military leaders gathered in an intel meeting and I was in the room with them standing behind them watching what was going on. They were watching Justin Trudeau on a type of military government computer system / monitor. The quality of the feed was a low quality and the signal was breaking up. I know It was coming from a very secure location, it reminded me of what we would see if it was coming from a bunker, and it felt like it was in foreign country but I knew otherwise. The camera angle was sort of low and off to the side like it was being taken undercover and discreetly by someone on the “inside ” and being shared as intel for a group within the group.
As Justin was talking, he was addressing the military leaders in this briefing, he said that the only way to deal with a Leader of a Regime was to take them out.
I knew that he was indirectly talking about himself, virtue signaling what is going on.
He indirectly was daring and challenging anyone in the ranks who wanted to try to take him out. What he said and did not say actually said it all. It was a threat to be sure. He was holding to his plans hard and fast.
Justins demeanor, tone, body language was hard nose, militant, selfish, domineering and controlling, with an anger burning below the surface. This was a much different image than the timid, soft spoken one that you see on CBC.
It was now clear to me that he was working independently of his advisors and special council during this time. He was moving forward with the plans to deploy on the Canadian people with or without their support. He was not open to their advice or council and his moves contradicted the council they were giving him.
As he was sharing I was shown that there were several regiments that were working on and preparing plans to stand against these evil intentions and plans to bring down his regime.
There was a planned coup developing, they had the means to make it happen.
They had resources, they had people in the right places, and they were running deep and silent below the surface getting ready for their own strategic deployment. They were not going to be moving alone and they had true foreign allies ready to back them when the time came. These were all very high level trusted relationships.
I was then taken place to place on a special tour across Canada, where I saw Justins miltary staging areas. They were all preparing different stages of deployment. They were in every Canadian province and territory. They were preparing to be deployed with evil intent upon the Canadian people. Some where going to be ready to go sooner than others, and would be rolled out in stages very carefully planned out.
The interesting thing that began to happen was that as they had appeared to be one unit preparing, as soon as they started to deploy, an obvious separation began to happen in the troops. It was now go time and they pulled the trigger on the plan. I saw that a large majority of the troop held back from moving forward on this mission as Justin commanded, they were disobeying the orders and directives being given by Justin and by doing so it revealed the evil ones moving forward with intent to hurt the Canadian people. The soldiers that held back to fight and protect Canada where Canadian Patriots that loved and served the Nation of Canada more than the ruling regime and authorities and were going to stand for what they signed up for. To protect and serve the Nation of Canada.
I watched the rapid acceleration that was playing out in front of me, this was really happening.
The ones that moved forward on Justins command now became obvious and their uniforms even looked different than the Canadian soldiers that held back.
It was at this point that all was being exposed and a wave of truth began to flood across Canada, the scales were now being removed from Canadas eyes and unity began to bring us together once again with hope and resolution to stand together for Canada.
We had hit the breaking point, the turning point where evil had been exposed and Righteousness and Justice were being released on our behalf.
Canada was being delivered.
Prayer Directives
We decree and declare that the evil plans and intentions over Canada be exposed by the Power and Light of the Holy Spirit.
We decree and declare all evil lines of communication be disrupted and cut off from coast to coast to coast.
We decree and declare all relevant intel be released into the hands and knowledge of the righteous and wisdom and strategies be released unto them.
We decree and declare that all evil foreign intent and influence be cut off and cut out of Canada.
We decree and declare the Fire of God over Justin and a spirit of truth be poured out over him and those in his inner circle. And every mask be removed by the grace of God.
We decree and declare courage and strength over all those involved, every leader, every key position, that they would be protected and have the wisdom and strategies of heaven to bring truth righteousness and justice to Canada.
We pray that every available resource would be protected and used wisely.
We decree and declare protection and a spirit of wisdom over the advisors and special councils that are involved. We break off all fear and intimidation from them that they would have the courage of heaven to stand for truth, righteousness and justice.
We declare and decree strength and encouragement over the Canadian patriots
as they take their positions.
We declare and decree that any and all foreign infiltrations be exposed, revealed and extracted from within our Canadian Government and Military from coast to coast to coast.
We pray for the Host of Heaven to release Angels upon this land to be assigned to and carry out the plans and purposes of God for Canada as deployment is released for assured victory.
We declare and decree the eyes of Canada would be supernaturally be opened to truth.
We decree and declare National Unity would begin to flow for Righteousness and Justice and the Kingdom of God.